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MTL5531 MTL Instruments Vibration Transducer Interface

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MTL5531 MTL Instruments Vibration Transducer Interface

MTL5531 MTL Instruments Vibration Transducer Interface
MTL5531 MTL Instruments Vibration Transducer Interface

Μεγάλες Εικόνας :  MTL5531 MTL Instruments Vibration Transducer Interface

Place of Origin: UK
Μάρκα: MTL
Πιστοποίηση: ROHS
Model Number: MTL5531
Πληρωμής & Αποστολής Όροι:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Τιμή: Negotiable
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: on request
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100+pc+on stock
Λεπτομερής Περιγραφή Προϊόντος
Χρώμα: Λευκό και μπλε Υλικό: Πλαστικό και μέταλλο
Τύπος προϊόντων: Διεπαφή μετατροπέων δόνησης Αριθμός καναλιών: ΕΝΑΣ
Σειρά σημάτων: Ελάχιστο – 20V, μέγιστο – 0.5V Δείκτης οδηγήσεων: Πράσινος = ένδειξη δύναμης
Τάση ανεφοδιασμού: 20 στο συνεχές ρεύμα 35V Βάρος ναυτιλίας: 1.0kg

MTL5531 MTL Instruments Vibration Transducer Interface


The MTLx531 repeats a signal from a vibration sensor in a hazardous
area, providing an output for a monitoring system in the safe area.
The interface is compatible with 3-wire eddy-current probes and
accelerometers or 2-wire current sensors; the selection is made by a
switch on the side of the module.


Manufacturer : MTL Instruments

Product No. : MTL5531

Product type : Vibration Transducer Interface

Number of channels : One

Sensor type : 2- or 3-wire vibration transducer

Location of signal source : Zone 0, IIC, T4–6 hazardous area if suitably certified Div. 1, Group A hazardous location

Hazardous-area input : Input impedance (terminals 2 & 3): 10k?

Transducer supply current, 2-wire : 3.3mA (nom.) for 2-wire sensors, user selectable by switch

Signal range : Minimum –20V, maximum –0.5V

DC transfer accuracy at 20°C : <±50mV

LED indicator : Green = power indication

Safe-area output impedance : <20?

Supply voltage : 20 to 35V dc

Maximum current consumption (10mA transducer load) : 65mA at 24V

Maximum power dissipation within unit : 1.33W

Dimensions ( D x W x H ) : 1.58 cm x 10.98 cm x 12.36 cm

Weight : 0.11 Kg

Shipping weight : 1.0 Kg



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Great System In.(GSI) a name synonymous with Process Control Instrumentation and Electrical and Instrument and Solution Provider have established themselves as a Quality Leader since its inception in 1998 based at Hong Kong ( China ).

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